Is the Talpiot Tomb the Family Tomb of Jesus of Nazareth?

Welcome to JTERP, the Jesus Tomb Education and Research Project.  The mission of JTERP is to help answer the
following question: Is the Talpiot tomb the family tomb of Jesus?  

This mission will be pursued in three ways:

  • First, using the site “”, JTERP will present materials for the purpose of educating the general
    public as to what is known and being debated regarding this question.
  • Second, using the site "", JTERP will manage a "Friends of the Talpiot Tomb" group which will be
    used by dues paying registered members  who will use the site for extended educational materials and
    education.  Membership dues will be used to support on-going education and research efforts.
  • Third, JTERP will provide support to research and analysis efforts that attempt to expand the knowledge base
    related to this question.  As these efforts yield new information it will be published  on the “” site
    and discussed at "talpiottomb/org".

The JTERP supported sites are dedicated to using a balanced approach to probing the proposition that the “Talpiot
Tomb” is the family tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.  Please note that the proposition will be approached from two related
points-of-view; 1) is the Talpiot tomb  the actual tomb of Jesus of Nazareth or 2)  even if it is not, could it still be the
burial site of important members of his family.

The sites are designed for non-specialists who desire to achieve a better understanding of this proposition by
studying the results of work from experts in disciplines such as Archeology, History and Epigraphy.    The project will
not take any direct positions of matters of religious faith or theology.  Likewise, the project will not appeal to religious
or theological explanations for historical events or phenomena.  This is not to say that visitors who hold religious
beliefs that relate to this subject are unwelcome.  Hopefully a wide diversity of people will enter into the dialogue
regarding this proposition.

Is the Talpiot Tomb the family tomb of Jesus of Nazareth?  Some visitors will be aware that this question has been the
subject of a heated and polarizing debate.  Rather than adopt one of the polar views on the proposition, it is the
editorial position of the project that the answer to this question is knowable, but not yet known.  This tomb may or may
not be the family tomb of Jesus of Nazareth, but there is now enough evidence to say that it is possible and that
further research and discussion of this possibility is highly warranted.

Rather than generate a substantial quantity of new material relating to the proposition, these sites will attempt to guide
the visitor through an organized body of resource material from recognized experts on the subject. A reading list and
an annotated bibliography for this material will be made available.

The scope of these sites will not reach every possible relevant and useful work.  Rather it will be the objective of the
site to organize a cross-section of material of sufficient scope for the visitor to understand the general background
and the major lines of argument both for and against the proposition.  Therefore, visitors will be directed toward
material that is generally readily available and readable by the public.  

Ideally, there will be readers who will desire to pursue this matter more deeply.  If you are one of those readers then
you are encouraged to join the Friends of the Talpiot Tomb at  If you are new to the subject or
want to obtain additional background you may want to start by studying the material at
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